info about my production software and hardware preferences.

this isn't meant to be exhaustive; it's mostly to answer questions about what i find important to focus on/be picky about, and to prove the point that, no, you don't need a $1000+ modern pc to do creative work, professionally or non. few things are more obnoxious to me than seeing someone told to "buy a better computer" to fix an addressable or avoidable lag issue.


i don't use cloud storage. i have less than 200GB storage between all my computers. i do have one external drive, for long-term organization and backup. other backups live on various VPS.

ergonomics are understated and underexplained. i don't do "standing desks", but I'll refuse to use a computer if I can't get up and down easily; it takes very brief bad posture to incapacitate me for days.

visual production

audio production

i get most of my samples from freesound, and slurp up any free synthesis VSTs I can find.

here's what my desktop usually looks like.

task management

i use a combo of "GTD" and kanban logic for keeping track of tasks. it's all lumped into a single shell script but projects are tracked individually. "tasks" are defined vaguely by their doability in a single sitting; they automatically filter to my level of capability on any given day. if a project has been sitting fallow too long I analyze my judgment. also, a "project" is by definition anything I can't complete in one sitting, but it has to have a defined 'end point' before I'll start keying it into my system; even if that end point is 'learn enough by experimentation to find the endpoint'. moving goalposts are a common problem.

timers are attention dysregulation's sworn enemy; they're invaluable for when i must stop myself from doing too much or too little.

i use a calendar for future obligations to prevent obsessively thinking about them before it's helpful. my faith in alarms is shattered to the point of being non- existant so i review this manually. (plus it helps me get a feel for how much time i really have.)