may 2017

i'm still living in arizona, though that's set to change in the next 12-24 months as i return to a nomadic lifestyle (finally)-- with my spouse, not alone. it's scary to commit to, but it's less scary than the idea of being slowly crushed.

i stayed off my computer for a few months in early 2017 to get my bearings and figure out why I was so prone to self-neglect when focusing, and what I could do about it. I've found a happy medium (some of it burned down to simple things like putting my desk in an open room; some was complicated, like eating habits) and am making up for lost time, focusing on programming, organization and "tech" for a bit. (i mean, i'm getting this site up to snuff.)

mental health is in an upswing. socialization is easier, if never easy. focusing is also less of a struggle than it has been.

my raw files - PSDs, tracker files, et cetera - are organized for the first time since the mid-2000s.

(in related news, i'm starting to grow at peace with the knowledge I'm obnoxiously persnickety about how i code. i like script, not programming, and despite what the latté of the week has to say about it, that's fine.)

i signed up for artslam for the first time in a few years.

things almost feel normal, for the first time in... hell, ever? it's hard to forget the 10+ year struggle to this point, though. and I'm not nearly at 100% yet, either. I'm curious about the rest of the year.