august 2017

Still in Arizona. I'm currently wearing 4 layers of fuzzy fabric and look like a proper maniac, as I have to keep my vasodilation high to avoid pain.

Moving plans are continuing to look more realistic, but it's going to be slow going. Turtle, hare, et cetera. Spouse is finally on medication that works. I'm having some expensive health issues, but temporary ones that don't utterly prevent work-- just make it really damn annoying. (Vote for national healthcare that includes dental, if you please.)

The challenge now is momentum. I'm back in a creative upswing like I was in 2008 or 2010 or so -- without the euphoria. Avoiding burnout rests solely on the acumen of my own driving. Wish me luck.

Artslam was a bust, but I did participate in Art Fight this year. Look at me go!

I made a youtube channel, and it has most of my music uploaded to it. No progress there.

I found out I can occasionally stream, also, using a completely asinine setup (which I plan to summarily document in my rig page).

Good travels.