Care and feeding of pinto beans

Beans are generally at constant oversupply in my region, and I have a stockpile. Additionally, I live in close proximity to Mexico so I have near-at-hand access to ingredients and recipes to many traditionally bean-based recipes. I also don't like handling meat, and happen to enjoy the grainier texture of beans. However, I went a long time with this stockpile untouched, because I was intimidated by the soaking process. It didn't help that my entire life until then, I'd dealt with only canned beans, so I didn't even know what the texture of a fresh bean was supposed to be like, much less a rehydrated one.

No more! There is a flowchart to this.

Enjoy your beans.

A warm day, or warm stovetop from an active oven will not harm the soaking process; some people choose to simmer their beans for a couple of hours instead of the day-long soaking process. I haven't tried this.